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Kahrizak Charity Sanatorium of Tehran Province

Kahrizak Charity Sanatorium is a small land. It is the place where dreams can be formed and painted. The main goal of Kahrizak Charity Sanatorium is not just maintaining and helping the patients (the elderly and disabled) to be alive. Rather, it aims at making the patients independent and helping them to be hopeful and empowered to live.

Kahrizak Charity Sanatorium

The center for maintenance, education, and rehabilitation of the disabled and the elderly

A humanitarian foundation based on good intentions

Non-governmental and nonprofit organization

Today, Kahrizak Charity Sanatoriu, thanks to GOD Almighty and support by the benefactors, provides service to about 1750 disabled people, the elderly, and MS patients in a land with an area of 420000 square meters and 180000square meters infrastructure.

The complex consists of 24 parts for men and women, including quarantine and therapeutic parts as well as 5 buildings (Narvan, Banafshe, Gol-e-Yas "MS", Arghavan, and Shokufe), and provides the patients with their health, medical, rehabilitation, sports, educational and cultural needs in collaboration with benefactors and staff.

The costs for the construction of the buildings and facilities were provided by the benefactors and benevolent people.

Number of executive personnel: 891 (at the end of April 2019)

Number of volunteers:

More than 800 benevolent women directly and regularly and 3000 people indirectly and occasionally help the authorities of the Sanatorium inside and outside of the country.

The benevolent men are 250 who are constantly cooperating with the Sanatorium.

The current condition (in 2019):

Area: 420 thousand square meters

Infrastructure: 180 thousand square meters

Hospitalization capacity: 1750 patients