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Goals of Kahrizak Charity Foundation

  • Maintaining, treating, and rehabiliting the people with disabilities, the elderly, and patients with MS and attempt to prevent the progression of the trauma and relieve their pain
  • Establishing and equipping the clinic and hospital to provide medical services to poor patients
  • Assisting those in need and victims of flood, earthquake, fire, war, and unexpected events as much as possible
  • Planning and setting charity groups to help the patients and attracting cash and non-cash donations
  • Collecting scientific-research information from other similar charities inside and outside the country to improve the scientific level and services
  • Holding in-service classrooms and training courses for staff in different levels to enhance their knowledge and help the patients
  • Making a safe environment for the disabled and the elderly
  • Introducing the Foundation at national and international levels to attract material and spiritual assistance
  • Improving the physical and mental health of the people with disabilities