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Jawad-al-Aemeh (PBUH) Clinic

Thanks to GOD and efforts of the benevolent builder, deceased Haj Jawad Arjmandi, and his respected family, Jawad-al-Aemeh (PBUH) Surgery Center and Clinic was established and was donated, after being equipped with all facilities, to Kahrizak Charity Foundation. The center started to work as a clinic since March 2000 and, due to the needs of the local people, it has been operating as a boarding clinic since the beginning of 2004.

Moreover, this center provides services as an advanced surgery center equipped with three operating rooms, specialty and super specialty dental clinics, boarding laboratory, Doppler sonography, mammography, densitometry, boarding radiology, physiotherapy, optometric, CT Scans, laser center and cosmetology, and boarding emergency in an area of over 4400 square meters infrastructure. This center can provide all clinical, para-clinical, and surgical services by the university professors and experienced physicians in all specialized fields.

This center is also honored to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to the patients of Kahrizak Charity Sanatorium and those supported by the Welfare Organization and other support agencies in Tehran. The land of this center was donated, on the will, to Kahrizak Charity Foundation in 2005. Then, it was reconstructed and the required equipment were provided and now, it serves as a limited advanced surgery center along with the advanced technology, through enhancing the quality and quantity of the diagnostic and therapeutic services.

The patients can use equipped surgery rooms, specialty and super specialty clinics, boarding laboratory and radiology, sonography, pharmacy, optometric, and boarding emergency as well as all clinical and para-clinical services by the university professors and experienced physician in all specialized and super specialized fields.

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Address and telephone numbers

Jawad-al-Aemeh Charity Clinic- Jawad-al-Aemeh Charity Limited Surgery Center

Address: Afsariye, between the first and second 15 meters, Ninth Street (Martyr Zali Street)

Telephone number: 33142266