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Kahrizak Charity Sanatorium of Alborz Province

Regarding the increasing growth the urban and metropolitan population and the community needs, Kahrizak Charity Sanatorium was founded in 2001 in the province of Alborz, based on the gained knowledge from the Maternal Foundation (Kahrizak Charity Sanatorium of Tehran Province) and community-based experience, aiming at providing modern rehabilitation services such as rehabilitation and home care, education and day care, day visit, rehabilitation and residential care. The construction project of the sanatorium operated in Muhammadshar, Karaj. This complex started operating in a land with an area of 80000 square meters and 60000 square meters infrastructure in 7 specialized complexes located on Eastern and Western Pardis under the following names:

  1. Aqaqia (Dr. Hakimzade Clinic)
  2. Yas (Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled)
  3. Laleh (Male Elderly Sanatorium)
  4. Rose (Female Elderly Sanatorium) (under construction)
  5. Niloofar (Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center for children with disabilities)
  6. Golha (Suites for the elderly)
  7. Shaqayeq (Cultural-Recreational Complex) (under construction)

Due to higher number of the children with autism in the recent years and the shortcomings in education and rehabilitation of this disorder, Kahrizak Educational and Rehabilitation Center was opened in November 2017 in order to deep study of the autism and learn the various treatments and rehabilitation of this disorder through applying the latest and most up-to-date educational and rehabilitation methods.