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Property donation

Legal affairs and property donation

Regarding donate properties and deposits of benefactors, the legalaffairs have been provided, in two decades of continuous involvement and effective experience, to make the process of donating properties including apartments, houses, shops, gardens, and the benefactors' heritage as well as bank deposits easy for the benevolent people and benefactors to be able to donate their properties to Kahrizak Charity Foundation as soon as possible. You can make, through the legal affairs provided by Kahrizak Charity Foundation, a lasting fortune for yourself and make your afterlife happy when you can decide about your own property, and keep in mind that it is better for you to do the good deeds GOD inspires you right away; no one is aware of tomorrow if one can do the good deeds.

Donating property and deposits is free of cost to you and paid by the Foundation.

You can have the benefits of what you donated including house, apartment, garden, land, or bank deposit for you or your spouse as long as you are alive and enjoy them in full.

Besides, donors of immovable property and bank deposits are supported by Kahrizak Charity Foundation.

Dear benefactors can do the following steps:

  1. Call the Foundation to find answers to all your questions and uncertainties.
  2. Your documents are exactly expertized to specify if they can be transferred.
  3. Your motivation and benevolent intentions for donation will be considered.
  4. Upon doing the above steps, a peace agreement shall be concluded between the Foundation and the benefactor and the terms and conditions are specified.
  5. After the initial agreement and signing the handwritten agreement, the documents are submitted to the notary to set up the document orattorney.
  6. Receiving the required inquiries from the Office of Documentation and Real Estate, the Municipality and the Treasury, the document is transferred to Kahrizak Charity Foundation and the fundamental conditions are stipulated in the document.
  7. All costs in this regard shall be paid by the Foundation.